Sorry For The Wait

July 31, 2020


*Plays Meek Mill-Dreams and Nightmares*

“Aint this what they been waitin’ for? You ready?

I used to pray for times like this

To rhyme like this

So I had to

Grind like that to shine like this”

Man…what a journey it’s been to get to this point! I won’t get into the “Corporate America” side of things on this post, but I will say with confidence that I’ve wanted to become a businessman for a LOOOOOOONG time. It all started in the 4th grade when Goosebumps was a big hit. I had a very big imagination, being an only child, so I took advantage of that. I would spend hours coming up with the perfect story to put on paper, use an actual Goosebumps book and trace the shape to cut out my new book, and start to write down my stories. I was selling these jawns for $2…in the 4th grade! I was making bank for a fourth grader! I became so advanced that my grandmother taught me how to type as well as use a typewriter efficiently so I can type my stories to be more professional and save more time…the beginning of learning business skills.

Fast forward to 8th grade, high school, and college. I learned new skills…on the computer…

By this time I’m learning how to code because that was the cool, yet nerdy thing to do. While I continued to learn code I needed to supplement my passion. I used my also love (music) to be that fuel. I sold CD’s for $4 a pop and had a special 2 for $7. When 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ came out I was making $150 a day off of selling that album alone to my friends at Central Catholic and Schenley High School. I needed to appeal to the ladies so I began to have custom playlists for the girls of Oakland Catholic. All of this while learning code. Being in front of the computer building web pages was a routine thing, MySpace didn’t help either during this time lol.

You grow up and sometimes your career isn’t aligned with your true vision. Somehow during college I felt I needed to be behind a desk and learn about finances, probably because I was making quite a bit in high school and college. But what cued the Rocky music in my head was when a website was needed for a dance school. My fiancé had a prior business relationship with a web designer that wasn’t the best. The website was, to be honest, not of good quality, but a decent amount of money was spent. As the fiancé that I am, I couldn’t see her fail. In fact, this was the perfect opportunity for me to start making web design a real thing. I designed her website, and from there on the song Hearts on Fire from the Rocky IV Soundtrack kept playing in my head.

While working in Corporate America, I began to privately promote my skills to friends that may need a website. Word started to get out about my skills and next thing you know, I’m GETTING CLIENTS! At this point, I knew something had to give. It was time to say “fuck it, the time is NOW”! I began to start the transition, and on my 34th birthday I received my LLC Documents for Prime Web Design. It is a REAL business now…and only the beginning! People began hitting me up, I’m getting booked, I’m working on my business while still having a full-time job…I’m well on my way! I was getting so many clients that I began to work on their sites but not my own. No excuses, but that’s part of the journey!

I say all of this to say, follow your passion! If you have PASSION behind your dreams, then that’s a sign that you need to follow that path. I trusted the process, prayed regularly, received support from family and friends, and I am here to say THANK YOU to all who have been patient with me!

Sorry for the wait, but now…


"Hold up, wait a minute

Y'all thought I was finished?"

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