Selfcare Housekeeping


• Web design
• Social media integration
• Web maintenance





Selfcare Housekeeping currently has a website that was designed prior to its relationship with Prime Web Design. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Selfcare Housekeeping strives to offer housekeeping services with a twist. Its goal is to promote mental health, and by having someone come in to take the burden off of yourself to clean your home or prepare a meal for your family, this will ultimately contribute to positive mental health. Owner Shanon Williams was in need of a "facelift" and a complete rebrand overall, and during COVID-19, Shanon took this as the perfect opportunity to start the process.

Final Thoughts

Prime Web Design and Selfcare Housekeeping are currently engaged in a complete revamp of online branding which includes a new website. Clients will now be able to have sessions with Selfcare Housekeeping online for certain services.