K-Theatre Dance Complex


• Web design
• Web Maintenance
• Online Live Streaming




New website coming soon. Client is rebranding in preparation of the upcoming school year with COVID-19 at large.


When K-Theatre had a previous relationship with another web agency, things were...rocky to say the least. Overpaying for subpar work and lack of communication led to this Pittsburgh dance company look for a solution to get up to speed.

At Prime Web Design, we emphasized with K-Theatre Dance Complex and assured we would be able to to only put out the fire, but even elevate their online presence beyond their imagination. We did a complete rebrand, from logo to their online branding. Their visibility was evident due to increased traffic on all outlets and seen an increase in events throughout the coming years.

Final Thoughts

Currently, K-Theatre Dance Complex is going through its next phase of growth online. Due to COVID-19, it has caused many businesses to shift their foundation to being online. Prime Web Design is prepared for this adjustment as K-Theatre Dance Complex begins to shift their classes/trainings completely online.