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A good friend of mine made a post of a cake that, to be honest, looked quite amazing! I commented on the post and asked if Amber, the owner of BAKETHAT! had a website. Amber replied that she did not. We had a conversation, and we were able to schedule a consultation with BAKETHAT!

We discovered that Amber was in need of a website, and we were able to provide great value of why it’s important to have a website for your business. It’s been a great pleasure to start this particular project. Who doesn’t love a good cake? But in all seriousness, We’re building BAKETHAT! a dynamic site in which it won’t be hard to appeal to customers because her product speaks for itself. I mean, literally. Us at Prime Web Design showed support and purchased a cake and it was AMAZING! With our added touch to her photos, it is sure to appeal to many clients!

Final Thoughts

We are currently developing an e-commerce website for BAKETHAT! and implementing a strategy to where her social media and new website are working simultaneously for Amber's business. We've implemented a sales strategy to ensure BAKETHAT! is reaching as many clients to align with their revenue goals.